2 Fast 2 Furious III

Well today me and my students discussed what our animation was going to be about, and the verdict is... 2 Fast 2 Furious III So this will be a good exercise for them, and we are also thinking of adding voice acting to it.

On a side note, the have started to get good at drawing with the mouse as of late. And the learnt to make some stick fights like the great Xiao Xiao

Halted Study

Well as they are preparing for the National KapaHaka competitions this week.
Not to mention this is the 3rd week of no classes for me. Can't they just make up there minds on when we have to go into class.

Animation Lessons

Hello children,
Well today you learnt the layout of Macromedia Flash MX, not only that but you were able to make the wheels on your car go round and round.

Well I taught them how to animate there little car. So the wheels are turning, as well as the car having hydroliks. And apart from that, we just watched some of the Xombie animations which I took down.

Lesson Two

Well Mr Germ was a no show, that damn gerbil is hankering for a spankering. Heehee.

Well in this lesson we will be teaching people the meaning of the word 'koshie' which is the Baalian translation for game. You will also learn other things if you visit the Baalian-Solarin Dictionary

Another thing we are going to be learning is that Cry of the Ancients is a very addictive game. And that the people there are insane.

Lesson One

Well brother are you happy now, I now have a Bloggity Blog Blog Mooooo.

Well lets see wat Mr Germ wants to say to the millions, *and millions*, and millions of imaginary fans out there.